Thursday League

Thursday Night Central Carolinas Super League

(League Rules updated Oct 8, 2020)

Text Phone: 704-560-2441sponsor-logo-usa

1. Eligibility

You must be a CTTC club member in good standing (dues paid up in the new membership system) to participate.

2. Registration

You must register by sending a text message including your name and email address to the league administrator at 704-560-2441 or a designated alternate no later than noon on the Wednesday before Thursday league night.

3. Start Time

Thursday evenings are league play at CTTC. Divisions will be set and digital match record sheets will be available on Google Docs and shared to the participants by 6:00 PM on Thursday. Play will start by 7:00 PM. You must arrive before 7:45 PM to play. Players that do not register by text before noon on Wednesday will not be placed in Divisions for play.

4. League Ratings

League ratings are calculated using the USATT league webpage algorithm (the same as the USATT tournament algorithm). Initial league ratings are set in this order:

a. League rating from any other USATT league
b. Current USATT tournament rating
c. Estimate to nearest 50 points by the league administrator

The Central Carolinas Super league is unsanctioned – USATT membership is not required to play and league matches do not have any effect on USATT tournament ratings. This may change as of January 1, 2021.

5. Division Assignments

Players are assigned to Divisions in league rating order, with the exceptions of players selected for move up or move down by the criteria outlined below. Just because you play in a particular Division one Thursday does not mean you will be in the same Division the next Thursday. It all depends on how many players with higher ratings than yours show up to play. If you should find yourself in a Division lower than the previous week even though you believe you deserve to stay in the same Division, please do not annoy the league administrator. Resolve to play even better this week, win all your matches, and move up on merit.

6. Move Ups

Players may be selected to move up the next time they play within 2 weeks to a Division higher than their previous Division by either most matches won or highest league rating points gain. The first player selected to move up will be the player to win the most matches in their Division. Two way ties are decided by head-to-head results. Three or more way ties are decided highest league rating points gain for that event.

The second player to move up will be the one with the highest league rating points gain not including the player with the most match wins and not including players who did not win at least 2 matches. A move up is only good for the first league event played in the next two weeks.

7. Move Downs

Players may be selected to move down the next time they play to a Division lower than their previous Division by either defaults, fewest matches won or most league rating points lost in the Division. The first players selected to move down will be every player who plays less than 5 matches, regardless of Division.

The next player to move down (if there is no more than 1 defaulter) will be the player with the fewest match wins. Two way ties are decided by head-to-head results. Three or more way ties are decided by most league rating points lost for that event. The next player to move down (if there are no defaulters) is the player with the largest league rating points loss for the event, not including players that win more than half of their matches.

A move down has no time limit and will remain until the player next competes in the Thursday league.

8. Player of the Week

Player of the week is decided simply by the biggest league rating increase for that week.

9. Service Rule

As this is a USATT League, our aim is to follow USATT guidelines as much as possible. Follow this abbreviated service rule:

a. Serve from a stationary position when your opponent is ready.
b. Toss the ball (do not serve right out of your hand) so opponent can see point of contact.
c. If your opponent flagrantly violates this rule, catch the ball & ask them to serve again.

10. Efficiency

Be considerate of others. groups run most efficiently when all players take turns and rotate appropriately. Look at the match sheets to see who has not played as many matches and get them on the table next.

11. League Administrators

All matters not covered by the rules will be decided by the league administrators present at the time.