Club Info

The Charlotte Table Tennis Club meets at First United Methodist Church in uptown Charlotte. We use the door on the north side of the church toward the back, between the small surface parking lot and the playground.

Preferred parking is in the 525 N Tryon garage – the entrance is on 9th street. Park in any space that is not numbered or does not say Reserved. Bring the ticket in to validate at the scanner on the 2nd floor. Use the elevator that says Child Development Center and Church Offices. Go up to level ⭐️ P and follow the ping pong paddle signs. Tickets often need to be scanned twice – make sure you get the green message and not the red message after scanning.

There is a small surface lot with a very limited number (10) spaces. This lot is NOT available before 6 PM on weekdays or before 1 PM on Sundays. Park ONLY in the designated spaces and DO NOT double park.

Put a message in the WhatsApp group to ask someone to open the door.

Club members with subscription memberships receive a key fob which will unlock the door.

Guest fee is $10 a day, membership is $50 a month, with discounts for children, seniors over 65, and longer term memberships – more information and links for payment are on this website.

Club hours are weekdays (except Thursday) 5:45 pm to 10 pm, Saturdays 10 am to 10 pm, Sundays 1 pm to 10 pm. In addition, the 3rd and 4th floor tables are available weekdays during the day and Sunday mornings.

Thursdays are league nights and there are few if any tables available for open play. Wednesday evening the youth league uses the 2nd floor gym from 6 PM to 8 PM

League – the Central Carolinas Super League plays on Thursday evenings, 7 PM until closing. Participants must have a USATT membership (subscribed club members are given USATT basic membership as part of their CTTC membership.) There are five or six divisions with 6 to 8 players. Each division has round robin competition. League players had USATT league ratings, calculated with the same algorithm, but distinct from USATT tournament ratings.

Youth League – the CTTC youth league plays on Wednesday evenings from 6 PM to 8 PM in the second floor gym. For more information, contact Steven Thompson at 704 458-8422

Tournaments – CTTC generally hosts several USATT sanctioned tournaments each year.

There are two USATT certified, SafeSport compliant coaches at CTTC:
Steven Thompson 704 458-8422
Bill Englebreth 704 560-2441

There are several other coaches in the area:
Simon Brain – ITTF Level 1
Stan Gee
Jen Jia
Greg Riley

President – Bill Englebreth
Vice President – Lei Wu
Treasurer – Drew Sinclair
Membership Secretary – Ling Fan

Director – Femi Ogundipe
Director – Samyuktha Sundar
Director (ex officio) – Bill Englebreth