Waiting Room

This is the CTTC virtual attendance and waiting room. With COVID-19 we need to change some our processes to be able to play. When playing in these times you are also agreeing to be bound by our COVID-19 Waiver.

Before visiting facility please check this page to see whether we have reached capacity. If you see capacity you can sign-in. You can also do so when you are on your way within 30 mins.

In general you need to sign-in when you enter the facility and sign-out when you leave.

You can place your name on the list from home or when inside the facility. This is required for the foreseeable future.

To Sign-In in facility: Scan QR or code, fill in form, and click “Approve” to sign in from home you can use this button:

 Sign In Now 

To Sign-Out: Scan QR code in facility, your form should be already filled in and click “Edit” button followed by clicking “Withdraw” or “Sign-Out”. If you forgot you can sign-out from home by clicking this button:

 Sign Out Now 

For this to work, you will also need to create a free XcooBee account to Sign-in and Sing-off from the waiting room list. It should take 30s or less to create an account and confirm your email. You can download the XcooBee app for iOS and Android to speed up registration.

Current Players in Facility and Waiting List

The updated data will take a few minutes to show. You can normally refresh to see the updates but we recommend opening in In-Private browser window to check more frequently.


We clear users that have forgotten to sign out regularly. In that case your sign-out/in form will not reflect the correct status. Just repeat the process one more time.

Our General COVID-19 rules.

Please see our full COVID-19 waiver for more details:

In short:
You affirm that
You do not have any of the symptoms of COVID-19 (dry cough, fever over 100.5 F, loss of taste or smell)
You have not knowingly been in contact with anyone who has COVID-19
You will abide by COVID-19 precautions in the facility hosting CTTC

  • you consent to a temperature check upon entry
  • you will wear a mask when not playing or training
  • you will sanitize the table after my match (sanitizing spray and towels will be provided by CTTC)
  • you will observe social distancing
  • you will NOT play doubles games